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Is Compulsive Shoplifting an Addiction?

Why do some people repeatedly steal things they don't need, even when they have the money to pay for them? ...(more)

Recognizing and Confronting Shopping Addictions

Going shopping and buying a new item every now and then is fun, but it is possible to become addicted to shopping. Shopping addiction is a real and serious addiction that must be treated. Understand the signs of a shopping addiction and how to confront a shopping addict so he is able to find help and regain control of his life....(more)

Recognizing and Confronting a Shopping Addiction

A study by the American Journal of Psychiatry found that one out of 12 people in the United States shops compulsively. People shop without thinking about the consequences of spending, and their shopping habits harm their finances and relationships. If you think you possibly have a shopping addiction, here are some tips on how to deal with it....(more)

Signs Someone You Know Has an Internet Shopping Addiction

While the term "shopaholic" is often considered humorous, an Internet shopping addiction is very serious. The Internet is available 24/7, allowing for excessive shopping sprees any time of the day or night. Internet shopping addictions are often caused by the same factors that lead to alcoholism and drug abuse, and the excessive accumulation of tangible items provides a sense of escape and relief. If you are concerned that a family member or loved one is hiding an Internet shopping addiction, the most common signs of the disorder are listed below....(more)


Is Alcohol Affecting Your Calorie Count?

Americans consume almost as many daily calories from alcohol as they do from sugar-laden sodas, health surveys have shown. ...(more)

Sugar Addiction: Fact or Fiction?

People who binge on sugar foods often suffer cravings, withdrawal, and relapse when they attempt to cut down. But is it accurate to call sugar an addictive drug?...(more)

Obesity and Cigarettes Don't Mix

Obesity and cigarettes worsen known health risks and creates a few new ones. Impaired drug metabolism is one of the problems....(more)

Illegal Drugs

Is Marijuana the Gateway to Addiction?

Do specific "gateway drugs" exist, or does each addict find his or her own gateway and push on through?...(more)

Inhalant Abuse Can Kill You

Inhalant abuse—breathing the fumes of solvents, fuels, glues, adhesives, and other industrial and chemical products—can have disastrous medical consequences. ...(more)

Crack Babies Defy Expectations

25 years ago, the nation was fixated on the fate of babies born to mothers who smoked crack during pregnancy. How did those babies turn out?...(more)

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